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About us

About Us

Since its establishment in 1988, SM+A has maintained a solid reputation for delivering exceptional due-diligence, architectural and engineering services to Retail, Commercial, Hospitality and Health Care clients. SM+A's range of comprehensive services include working with developer, public agencies, municipalities, and consulting technicians from the project’s initial entitlement through construction completion.

SM+A is committed to the highest standards of professional practice and to the achievements of our Clients' goals. Our corporate clients - including Taubman, Simon Property Group, Home Depot, CPG, COSTCO - have trusted us to contribute to their emerging business expansion in Puerto Rico as we foster experience, expertise, resources and a deep commitment to success.

SM+A's expansive portfolio ranging from WALMART PR store expansion in the 1990's to the recently opened The Mall of San Juan, is a reflection of our belief that capital investments in design and construction are aligned with measurable benefits.